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Geneva Declaration 2012 on health care in prison

B. Knorr, H. Stöver, J. Pont, V. Saliez, JM Verdebout, C. Canetti, L. Michel, A. Diemand, S. Enggist, A. Eytan, L. Gétaz, B. Gravier, F. Hübner, A. Iten, JP

The guidelines and recommendations are based on international humanitarian law and basic constitutional rights and are organized around seven
principles: 1. Access to a doctor 2. Equivalence of care 3. Patient’s consent and confidentiality 4. Preventive health care 5. Humanitarian assistance 6. Professional Independence 7. Professional competence.

  • People who are/were in prisons
  • Health care professionals
  • WHO European region
  • Care and support
  • Human rights
  • Treatment

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