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AIDS Action Europe brings together civil society to work towards
a more effective response to the HIV epidemic
in Europe and Central Asia.

Сеть Европейского действия 
по СПИДу

Европейское содействие по СПИДу объединяет гражданское общество с целью развития более эффективных мер по борьбе с эпидемией ВИЧ-инфекции в Европе и Центральной Азии.



“One case of harassment, one case of misconduct of power is too many. We are striving to get to zero”


“One case of harassment, one case of misconduct of power is too many. We are striving to get to zero”

This was the statement of Gunila Carlsson, deputy executive director during the Special Session of UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) [1] . AIDS Action Europe participated in...

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AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee Meeting, Berlin, 2018, Sini Pasanen and Richard Stranz

Steering Committee Meeting in Berlin, Germany, 2019

17.10.2019 to 18.10.2019
Berlin, Germany

The second Steering Committee (SC) Meeting of AIDS Action Europe will take place in Berlin, Germany.

The executive office of AAE will organise our meeting in Berlin, together with Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe (DAH).

Our current SC members are Christos Krasidis, Tanja Dimitrijevic, Silke...

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Statement on pharmaceutical industry and the non-transparency of pricing


Access to and affordability of medication and diagnostics is one of the core thematic areas for AIDS Action Europe. In our work, we focus on capacity building of patient activists on the current systems of research and development, approval of drugs and diagnostics, the nontransparent pricing...

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Our Main Objectives


Through advocacy and agenda-setting at global, European, national and local levels, AIDS Action Europe influences HIV policies.

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Linking and Learning

The Clearinghouse is closely linked to the members’ section on the AIDS Action Europe website, where all member organisations present themselves with their so-called member profiles

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Being a member of an international network will increase your chances to get information you need and gain experiences, as same as to find new partners.

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Why become an AAE member organisation?

Membership enables you to:

  • exchange experiences with other NGOs
  • strengthen your organisations' knowledge and increase the impact of your activities
  • present your concerns and priorities to key players at the European level
  • become part of the European civil society

Latest Publications

What does Universal Health Coverage mean for People Who Use Drugs: A Technical Brief

International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD)

This INPUD Technical Brief explains how Universal Health Coverage (UHC) can be both an opportunity and a concern for the health and rights of people who use drugs. 

Tags: Health care professionals, NGOs, People who use drugs (PUD), Global, Care and support, Harm reduction, Inequalities in health, Laws and regulations, Legislation, Policy, Universal access
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European Prevention Curriculum

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA)

A handbook for decision-makers, opinion-makers and policy-makers in science-based prevention of substance use

This handbook has been developed with the primary purpose of providing specific reference material for the European Prevention Curriculum (EUPC) training courses. It also serves...

Tags: Health care professionals, NGOs, Policy makers, Global, Advocacy, Care and support, Harm reduction, Testing and counselling, Treatment
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