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COVID-19 crisis impact on access to health services for sex workers in Europe and Central Asia

by International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE) and the Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN)

This assessment on the impact of COVID-19 on sex workers’ access to health services in Europe and Central Asia was developed by the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE) and the Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN) through consultations with their memberhips.

This resource was developed as part of a monitoring exercise to document the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and related measures on sex workers’ access to health services. Whilst the resource does not intend to be exhaustive and final, it gives a detailed overview of the issues faced by sex workers in accessing health services, and brings focus on some specific needs and demands of sex workers in Europe and Central Asia. In particular, it highlights the crucial work done by community-led organisations to fill the gaps in health services, protect sex workers and their families from risks of COVID-19, HIV and STIs and support their safety and security.

  • WHO European region
  • Affordability
  • Care and support
  • Gender
  • Harm reduction
  • Human rights
  • Inequalities in health
  • Laws and regulations
  • Migration
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Policy
  • Positive prevention
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis (PeP)
  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
  • Prevention
  • Reproductive health
  • Resource mobilisation
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Social issues
  • STI's
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Testing and counselling
  • Treatment
  • Tubercolosis
  • Universal access
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Health care professionals
  • NGOs
  • Policy makers

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