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Policy brief on discrimination in the healthcare sector against employees and patients living with HIV

Policy Brief Discrimination Title

This policy brief is based on findings of two reports developed as part of the European HIV Legal Forum's work on stigma and discrimination in health care: an 11-countries report focusing on discrimination against people living with HIV in healthcare settings and 6-countries report on discrimination against people living with HIV working in the healthcare settings. This policy brief is available in English and in Russian.

Globally, since the beginning of the AIDS pandemic there have only been a handful of cases registered where transmission of HIV from healthcare workers to patients has occurred . Data show that the risk of HIV transmission in healthcare settings is negligible. The widespread application of universal precautions has reduced transmission risk even further such that unintentional transmission in healthcare settings is now virtually impossible and occupational health services play a significant role in ensuring that PLHIV can be employed safely in healthcare roles. Thus, measures, recommendations or regulations that result in the disclosure of a healthcare worker’s HIV status are of no benefit to patients, but carry a high risk of discrimination for PLHIV working in the healthcare sector.

  • WHO European region
  • Inequalities in health
  • Laws and regulations
  • Legislation
  • Policy
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Work and HIV
  • Health care professionals
  • People living with HIV (PLHIV)
  • Policy makers

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