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Программа конференции «ВИЧ в Восточной Европе – незамеченная эпидемия?», 17 октября 2017, Берлин

The countries of the former Soviet Union are one of the few regions in the world where new HIV infections continue to grow. At the end of 2015 in the Russian Federation, the number of officially registered people living with HIV reached one million. Two-thirds of new infections in Europe occur in Russia. According to UNAIDS, only 21% of HIV-infected people have access to treatment because of high prices for medication. This region is far away from reaching the goal of 90-90-90. Due to the continuing difficulties in Eastern Europe in the area of ​​prevention and treatment, the achievement of UNAIDS goals does not seem quite realistic.

On different panels of the conference we will discuss with interested organizations and activists from Eastern Europe the following questions:

  • Why are the efforts of the countries in the region, the local affected communities and the international community not effective enough?
  • What are the needs for prevention and treatment, in terms of organizations working on HIV in the field?
  • How can civil society and the policies of Germany and other countries respond to the situation?

The purpose of the event: to develop common solutions aimed at ending the HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe by 2030. Also, it will be considered what contribution the governments and civil society can make to this process, and what can be done by Germany.

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