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Men having sex with men (MSM)

Sex. Same as before.

Владимир Медик

The primary audience of this brochure are homo- and bisexual men with HIV. The publication will be useful for HIV-negative partners in discordant homosexual couples, as well as for professionals working in the public and governmental support services for people with HIV. This 80-page illustrated...

Tags: Gay men and other MSM, LGBTI, Men having sex with men (MSM), NGOs, Youth, Eastern Europe, Global, Sexual and reproductive health, Sexual education, Stigma and discrimination
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Gay men and HIV/AIDS 2013 - Schwule Männer und HIV/AIDS 2013

Jochen Drewes, Martin Kruspe

The 10th survey on the health-related behavior of gay men and other men who have sex with men provides two essential findings. Firstly, although a total of condom use has declined in recent years, but this fact cannot be equated with a decreasing HIV-protective behavior. Rather, other protective...

Tags: Gay men and other MSM, LGBTI, Men having sex with men (MSM), People living with HIV (PLHIV), Policy makers, Youth, Western Europe, WHO European region, Advocacy, Care and support, Gender, Human rights, Inequalities in health, Prevention, Research, Sexual education, Social issues, STI's, Stigma and discrimination, Testing and counselling
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BORDERNETwork. Highly active prevention: scale up HIV/AIDS/STI prevention, diagnostic and therapy across sectors and borders in CEE and SEE

Based on multi-sectoral network commitment, the partnership elaborates on outcomes of the EU project BORDERNET and produces new practice-relevant models transferred to affected regions in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. 8 EU Member States (Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovak Republic,...

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