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Sex workers

Spotlight Sexwork

Pye Jakobsson

Over a prolonged period, dealing
with the issues raised by sex work
has been a major concern for most
European countries, and many different
legislative frameworks have been
applied or discussed. The current focus on cambatting human trafficking often leads to a...

Tags: Sex workers, Women, WHO European region, Harm reduction, Human rights, Policy
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Violence against sex workers and HIV prevention


Sex workers are among those who are most vulnerable to HIV infection in the world today. In low prevalence settings with a concentrated epidemic, such as India, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Russian Federation, the HIV epidemic initially spreads rapidly among sex workers with prevalence reaching...

Tags: Sex workers, Global, Stigma and discrimination, Human rights, Social issues
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Female sex workers and health care: BORDERNETwork IBBS Survey Report

Tzvetina Arsova Netzelmann; Elfriede Steffan; Liilia Lõhmus; Jury Kalikov; Anda Karnite, Alexander Leffers, Barbora Kucharova, Rayna Dimitrova, Cristina Fierbinteanu

The multi-city cross-sectional survey in 956 female SWs from seven EU countries collected behavioural (85-items interview) and epidemiological (HIV, Syphilis,HCV,HBV)data between March 2011 and February 2012. Participants were recruited in indoor, outdoor and IDU sex works scenes. The findings...

Tags: Policy makers, Sex workers, Health care professionals, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Care and support, Research, Prevention
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