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People who use drugs (PUD)

Guidance for community based organizations on tuberculosis services for people who inject drugs

TUBIDU: Guidance for community based organisations on tuberculosis services for people who inject drugs

Nela Ivanova, Fidelie Kalambayi, Kai Kliiman, Plamen Mamihin, Vaira Leimane, Laura Narkauskaite, Rauni Ruohonen, Mihaela Stefan, Maarja Sukles

People who inject drugs (PWID) are often among the most vulnerable and socially excluded people in any society and are therefore exposed to many risk factors which put them at high risk of contracting tuberculosis (TB). When compared with the general population, people who use illicit drugs have...

Tags: People who use drugs (PUD), Policy makers, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Advocacy, Harm reduction, Tubercolosis
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Drug consumption rooms in Europe - Models, Best Practice and Challenges

Dirk Schäffer, Heino Stöver, Leon Weichert

This report is a product of the European Harm Reduction Network.

Tags: People living with HIV (PLHIV), People who use drugs (PUD), Central Europe, Research, Harm reduction, Care and support
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Policy Paper - Who is paying the price for austerity?

Efi Kokkini, Ionut Alexandrescy, Luis Mendao, Martin Busch, Miroslava Zilinska, Thanasis Apostolou, Xavier Majó i Roca.

This newsletter is devoted to the urgent issue on the consequences of the austerity policy on public health and harm reduction and presents examples and reports from Correlation partners in the Southern and South Eastern European region.

Tags: Policy makers, NGOs, People who use drugs (PUD), WHO European region, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Policy, Harm reduction
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Greater Meaningful Involvement of People Who Use Drugs

John-Peter Kools

This brochure highlights some of the examples of excellent practices in peer involvement in Europe. 25 years ago, the first peer initiatives were started as innovative means of providing HIV prevention education. Since then, the scope and capacity of peer involvement has significantly increased...

Tags: People who use drugs (PUD), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Harm reduction, Advocacy, Prevention
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