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People who use drugs (PUD)

Step by Step: Problems and Solutions within IDU Communities/ Шаг за шагом: проблемы сообщества потребителей инъекционных наркотиков и пути их решения

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

This guidance was developed by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance for organizations working with injecting drug users. It outlines a wide spectrum of possible modes of work with drug users from safer injecting recommendations to rehabilitation and resocialisation. The publication may be of use...

Tags: NGOs, People who use drugs (PUD), Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Harm reduction, Prevention
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Injection Drug Use – HIV and AIDS – Young People Recognizing the Linkages

World AIDS Campaign, Youth Rise

Fact sheet on the linkages between HIV and AIDS, young people and injection drug use was developed in partnership by the World AIDS Campaign and Youth RISE.

Tags: People who use drugs (PUD), Youth, People living with HIV (PLHIV), Global, Harm reduction, Prevention
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Opioid Substitution Treatment in Custodial Settings. A Practical Guide

Andrej Kastelic, Jörg Pont, Heino Stöver

Prisons are not the right place for treating drug dependent men and women, and countries should develop policies for alternatives to imprisonment. As long as these alternatives have not been developed and implemented, prison authorities are faced with this specific population, in need of...

Tags: People who use drugs (PUD), People who are/were in prisons, People living with HIV (PLHIV), Global, Treatment, Prevention
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Hepatitis C treatment access for IDUs: short overview of situation in Central and Eastern Europe

Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN)

Report about HCV in Central and Eastern Europe. Data collected from 2006 - January 2007.

Tags: People who use drugs (PUD), Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Testing and counselling, Treatment, Co-infections
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Global State of Harm Reduction 2008: Mapping the response to drug-related HIV and Hepatitis C epidemics

International Harm Reduction Association

The Global State report attempts to map harm reduction services,
consolidate existing data on drug use and HIV and hepatitis
C, record multilateral agency activities and document harm reduction policies and practices around the world.

Tags: People who use drugs (PUD), Health care professionals, Global, Harm reduction, Co-infections
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