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 News from AIDS Action Europe
 European HIV Testing Week website launches September 18, 2013
On September 18, 2013, the European HIV testing week website www.hivtestingweek.eu will go live.  At the same time the testing week will be present on Facebook and Twitter as well. The actual testing week will take place 22 – 29 November 2013.
The website will be a useful tool for involvement in the European testing week. The testing week invites all interested countries, civil society organisations, clinics, hospitals, governmental institutions, policy organisations, and individuals in the WHO European region to implement activities during... >>
New! The European HIV Legal Forum
In 2012 there was a growing interest within AIDS Action Europe in legal issues related to HIV and the European HIV Legal Forum was therefore developed. This initiative aims to bring together legal and policy experts to jointly monitor, advise and act where and whenever human rights of people living with HIV and of key populations are at risk.
The Forum kicked-off with a pilot phase initiated by five AIDS Action Europe member organisations: Swiss AIDS Federation, LILA Milano, Hungarian... >> 
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The Hepatitis C Initiative - Get Involved!
 The Hepatitis C Initiative brings together more than 30 organisations – networks, grass root organisations, NGO's, health institutes and universities – all of them working in the field of infection diseases.
The aim of the project is to contribute to the improvement of knowledge and capacities and to create synergy in order to raise awareness on the issue also on policy level. A resource centre on Hepatitis C (HCV) and drug use... >>
 In the Spotlight:         An enthousiastic Clearinghouse user
This edition we have an enthusiastic Clearinghouse user in the spotlight: Nino Tsereteli, Executive Director of our Georgian member Tanadgoma. She frequently consults our HIV/AIDS Clearinghouse and finds it a helpful tool to make use of in her work. She is sharing her experiences with us:
"In need of different kinds of resources"
Since my work includes a lot of programmatic overview and control in my organisation, as well as fundraising, I need different kinds of resources. So quite often while our organisation develops materials – informational materials, training manuals and hand-outs, or proposals – I check the Clearinghouse. Very often I find interesting sources that we can refer to, like reports and best practices of different AIDS Action Europe members. Some of our informational materials had been also uploaded to the Clearinghouse a couple of years ago.

"My ”best” Clearinghouse experience so far"
I don’t remember the specific name of the document I used, but it was related to sex workers and very useful. Also, I used the European Drug Report in one of the proposals submitted. I don’t know the results of the proposal evaluation yet. Policy briefs related to prison work were also used by us – we wanted to see good examples of policy briefs in this particular field.
"Sharing Clearinghouse links with my staff"
I receive the Clearinghouse updates regularly and always check everything suggested. Very often I find interesting articles and other publications that I either immediately read or, if I don’t have time, download and save for further use.
I share links in the Clearinghouse within our Tanadgoma Facebook group, so that all staff can check, read and comment. This also stirs some professional discussions, which is very useful for development of our staff.

"The importance of good practice materials in Russian"
It is very important that lots of documents can be found in Russian as well, since the regional staff of our organisation rarely speaks and reads English. And there is no resource inside the organization to translate documents for them.

"I never miss glancing at the Clearinghouse Update"
This Update is really great! Not annoying and really helpful. From the very beginning, when I started receiving it, I found it very simple. I never miss glancing at the Update, because I have an expectation to find something interesting and relevant to our work.

"I recommended the Clearinghouse to some partner organizations from Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. I would of course recommend it to others as a useful, simple and user-friendly resource. For the moment everything is more than satisfactory!"
AIDS Action Europe is curious about your experiences of the Clearinghouse. Are you as satisfied as Nino or do you feel something is missing and do you have suggestions for improvement? We will be happy to hear from you. Let us know your feedback!

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