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 HIVCOBATEST project presents results and products at concluding conference
cobatestOn September 27th the final conference of the EU funded project HIV Community-Based Testing Practices in Europe (HIV-COBATEST) took place.
Cristina Agustí, project manager of HIV-COBATEST and organizer of the final conference reports from Barcelona: Our expectations regarding the conference have been exceeded... >>
WEDworks - Women, Ethnic minorities, Drug-help services: what makes a difference?
WEDworksAlthough most EU states address drug-using women, health and social care approaches for marginalised groups as pregnant women, mothers and sex workers are still inadequate.
Young people from disadvantaged ethnic minorities face special risks to aggravating drug-related problems due to social matters like lack of health insurance and stigmatization...>> 
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What's in it for us as civil society? The ECDC final report on monitoring EC Commission Communication
Final report ECDC monitoring implementation commission communicationECDC launched the final report on monitoring implementation of the European Commission Communication and Action Plan for Combating HIV/AIDS in the European Union and Neighbouring countries, 2009-2013.
Among the final report’s main conclusions, challenges and recommendations, the following are of particular relevance for our work and... >>
 Member in the Spotlight:         Juventas
Founded in 1996 National Youth Organization Juventas is the oldest YNGO in Montenegro. We work on sexual and reproductive health of young people, with accent on vulnerable and marginalized youth.
“Open with prisoners” was our first project on HIV prevention, which was part of the HIV Prevention Vulnerable Population Initiative, consolidated in former Serbia and Montenegro. Since we had a strong network among youth in Montenegro, we continued to work on HIV prevention among youth, with Roma youth included.

Around 2006 prevention of HIV in Montenegro became an important issue and at the same time our organisation was growing. We therefore broadened our scope and  conducted the “Health and Rights” project dedicated to promotion of sexual and health rights and HIV prevention among the MSM population, and the “Health on streets” project targeting street sex workers.

Juventas has been one of the rare NGOs involved in developing national strategies, like the National AIDS strategy, National Drug response and National strategy on Antidiscrimination. Also we have organized numerous campaigns for World AIDS day, as well as several AIDS caravans around World Youth day.
Today, Juventas is divided in three separated programs: Youth, Human Rights and Harm Reduction for  prevention of HIV among vulnerable people. We are operating three drop-in centers,  one one for each group: sexworkers, MSM and IDUs, as well as conducting outreach work for these populations on national level.
Tijana Žegura
Director of the Harm Reduction Programme

 www.montenegro-gay.me   www.bolestizavisnosti.me
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AIDS Action Europe currently unites more than 400 NGOs in 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia. We hope that member NGOs presenting themselves will inspire other NGOs throughout the region and that it will encourage further linking and learning between our members. Together we can work towards a better response to the HIV epidemic!

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