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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

With this newsletter we would like to request your support to share the ECHOES survey among your partners and networks, which aims to upscale the quality of healthcare services for gay men and other MSM. Moreover, if you are a community health care worker working with gay men and other MSM in Europe please fill in the survey yourself and encourage your colleagues to do so. www.ECHOESsurvey.eu

AAE is currently looking for new Steering Committee Members, if you meet the criteria please apply before November 5, 2017.

Furthermore, you will also find below brief reports of the launch of the new European Joint Action INTEGRATE and a workshop, organised with our partners, on HIV criminalisation.

Don't forget to upload your publication into the  HIV/AIDS Clearinghouse. To learn more about the use of AAE HIV/AIDS Clearinghouse, please watch our video.

With kind regards,
AAE Office
European Community Health Worker Online Survey
The first ever EU-wide survey with the aim of improving health care services for gay men and other MSM has been launched. The ECHOES survey is the first of its kind to target community health workers who provide sexual health support including counselling, testing, and psychosocial care for MSM.

It is an important opportunity to strengthen community response and raise awareness about the persisting legal, structural, political and social barriers hindering a more effective response to the epidemic of HIV, viral hepatitis B and C, and other STIs among MSM. 

Take part in ECHOES here
Integrative Approach -
The Way Forward

On September 19th, 2017 a new Joint Action on integrating prevention, testing and linkage to care strategies across HIV, viral hepatitis, TB and STIs in Europe (INTEGRATE) was launched in Brussels.

Throughout the day it was outlined that civil society plays a key role in reaching out to key populations at all stages, in prevention, testing and counselling, linkage to care and retention in care. And this does not only account for HIV but as much for Hepatitis and TB. Communities play an essential role in ending AIDS and TB and the elimination of viral hepatitis.
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The first European HIV Academy for Enabling Legal Environments took place in Berlin, Germany on September 13-14, 2017 with the participation of 30 advocates and community representatives from 20 countries addressing legal and regulatory barriers such as HIV-criminalisation, the criminalisation of key populations and over-medicalised HIV testing regulations. 

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The 3rd HA-REACT Partnership Forum took place on October 26-27, 2017, in Lisbon, Portugal. The report on the progress of the Joint Action and further news will be shared at hareact.eu. Please check out the new e-learning materials on our website and follow the latest news #HAREACT on twitter.

WP5 Knowledge and Good Practice Exchange on HR Services for PWID 

As part of WP5 of HA-REACT, a delegation from Lithuania including psychiatrists, narcologists, nurses, and social workers, visited Madrid and Barcelona. They visited different organisations to share experiences with professionals at shelters, low threshold centres, day care centres, opioid substitution treatment centres and mobile units, among others.

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Adaptation and Reinvention: EU structural funds for HR in Romania:

"We’re at a critical crossroads because the current TB grant runs out in December, and there’s no other funding available for harm reduction" – Nicoleta Dascalu

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Health and Social Responses to Drug Problems: A European Guide

This guide and the associated package of online materials provide a reference point for planning or delivering health and social responses to drug problems in Europe. 

Find the online guide here at EMCDDA website emcdda.europa.eu/responses-guide
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Poster: Contest to illustrate the documents on OST in prisons in Poland
"Konkurs na ilustrację do materiałów szkoleniowych na temat: Leczenie substytucyjne"
This poster and leaflet for the inmates of a penitentiary center Sluzew (Warsaw) is prepared by the National AIDS Centre in Poland.
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Scaling up early diagnosis for HIV through expanded implementation of provider-initiated HIV testing 

This policy brief calls for increasing early HIV diagnosis by implementing Provider-initiated HIV testing when individuals with ICs present to health care settings and strengthening PITC in other health care settings for key populations. 
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How should we present our case to decision-makers and politicians?

A number of tools and resources have been developed within the OptTEST by HiE project to optimise HIV testing and linkage to care. Many of these tools provide guidance for advocacy for legal and regulatory changes. This Tip Sheet is about Presenting the case to decision-makers and politicians.
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The AIDS Action Europe Clearinghouse is an online platform where NGOs, policy makers, networks and other stakeholders in Europe and Central Asia can share key documents and good practice materials. 
Check out more materials at 

The European AIDS Action Network was established in 2004, has continued to develop and has become one of the largest networks working in the field of HIV infection in the region. The network goes far beyond the borders of the European Union and covers all 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia.