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Break the Silence, End Police Violence!

Women against Violence. EHRN In regions of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia police violence against women who use drugs is widespread. Women feel powerless and unprotected, and police continues exercising illegitimate violence against them.
“Our goal is to change this situation with evidence. “Women against Violence” will proof the extent of police violence by individual cases. By this campaign we will initiate open discussions with decision makers and other human rights organisations and monitor implementation of police and other governmental stakeholders' commitments to combat violence against women who use drugs.” 
The “Did you know?” campaign is Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe’s way of celebrating its 30th year, and presenting its central concerns and solutions.
Did you know?Our provocative claims, like “AIDS isn’t what it used to be”, “Heroin can save lives”, or “There’s no pill against discrimination”, are meant to draw attention to today’s challenges.
“We would like to invite you to get into the stories of different people. They reveal troubles and deficits as well as solutions, they encourage and are even fun. We ask you to support the heroes and heroines of our campaign to gain attention for their issues!”

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 "The situation in Russian schools is critical; it needs a quick intervention to fight social stigma against children"
On November 4, 2014, Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe met 15 activists from LGBT communities from Moscow. The Initiative "Raduga-Brücke Berlin-Moskau" invited them to Germany to exchange experiences among the LGBTIQ work in Berlin.
On June 11, 2013, the Russian government signed the law against "homosexual propaganda", which actually prohibits any positive or neutral representation of same-sex lifestyles. How does the law impact young homosexual people in their social environment? And how get children and youths sexual education in Russia?
AIDS Action Europe communications coordinator Ljuba Böttger talked with the activists Sergey Gubanov and Evgeny Pisemskiy about the policy effects on LGBT live in Russia.
EU Quality Actions' e-learning package to improve quality in HIV prevention is ready to use
Quality Action has now developed an e-learning package to support organisations and professionals in improving quality in their HIV prevention work.
It comprises short videos of trainers and an overview of three Quality Action tools: Succeed, PQD (Participatory Quality Development) and QIP (an evidence-based quality assessment tool) and weblinks to the tools and supporting materials.

Click here to access the e-learning package: e-learning.qualityaction.eu
Last conferences on HIV, HCV and Drug Use in Europe
HepHIV 2014 Conference "HIV and Viral Hepatitis: Challenges of Timely Testing and Careate Presentations of HIV in Europe", Barcelona, Spain, 5-7 October 2014
First European Conferenceon on Hepatitis C and Drug Use, Berlin, Germany, 23- 24 October 2014

HIV Drug Therapy, Glasgow, Scotland, 2-6 November 2014

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