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ClearinghouseAIDS Action Europe is in the procedure of re-launching its Clearinghouse to make it more user-friendly and interactive.  
Your opinion and input is crucial for the success of the planning and evaluation of the upcoming re-Launch 2015 of AAEs’ Clearinghouse. Please fill in the questionnaire until May 27, 2015.
AAE calls the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers to follow the international guidelines on treatment and prevention
AAE Steering Committee and Office On April 20-21 the AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee members had their first meeting of the year to discuss the new Strategic Framework and its actions, the Work Plan 2015, the review of AAE’s Communication Strategy and the HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum Agenda for July 2015.
In the afternoon of the second day, AAE met Latvian civil society representatives and other stakeholders at the European Union House in Riga for a Round Table discussion on the “DUBLIN DECLARATION AND LATVIA’S RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIV/AIDS". The Round Table was organised by the association AGHIAS.
After the meeting the Chair of the Steering Committee of AIDS Action Europe Anke van Dam sent a letter to the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers to express the concerns of AIDS Action Europe regarding the ongoing policies and the lack of political will in the response to HIV and AIDS in Latvia. With this letter, AIDS Action Europe joins and expresses support of the call of Latvian Civil Society Groups to follow international guidelines on treatment and prevention.
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Call on the Czech Minister of Health to withdraw the proposal that would allow mandatory HIV testing of key populations  
Lella Cosmaro (AAE) and Tamás Bereczky (EATG) co-chairs of the HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum sent a letter on behalf of the membership of the CSF to the Czech Minister of Health to withdraw the proposed amendment to the Public Health Protection Act that would allow mandatory HIV-testing of certain high-risk individuals and key populations.
The proposed amendment does not only violate fundamental rights of people and several international obligations of the Czech Republic but is also counterproductive from the epidemiological point of view and disregards internationally approved HIV testing and counselling standards, good practices and scientific evidence. The HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum is an informal advisory body to the European Commission, co-chaired by the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) and AIDS Action Europe (AAE).
Follow link to the letter: "Public Health Protection Law - 2015 amendment, Introduction of mandatory HIV testing of certain at-risk populations."

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Report on the Ministerial Conference on MDR-TB
Ministerial Conference on MDR-TBThe Conference was held on March 30th and 31st. The European HIV civil society was represented by three AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee members (Aigars Ceplitis, Lella Cosmaro, Anke van Dam) and by members of the EATG; different representatives of the TB organizations and networks of the Region attended the event and TB activists were given the floor to read their statement.
Civil society representatives of HIV, hepatitis and TB organizations and networks strongly agreed on the need to join forces, since we are advocating to reach the same goals and we should surely do more advocacy work at ministerial level together to be more effective.
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Network News - HIV Ireland
In this Newsletter we would like to introduce you HIV Ireland, member of the AAE Network.
HIV IrelandDublin AIDS Alliance was set up in 1987 as a response to the growing HIV and AIDS crisis of that time. In 2015, the landscape has changed significantly in Ireland and we have made the decision to change our name to HIV Ireland. While AIDS undoubtedly remains a reality for some people, preventing HIV transmission and living with HIV are now the more pressing issues for many.

Community Based HIV & STI Testing Service
Lily and Joel - OutreachIn response to these changing times, a new approach to testing for HIV is proving successful. Traditionally the remit of clinics, testing is now moving out into the community, pioneered by organisations like HIV Ireland. In partnership with St. James’ Clinic, HIV Ireland commenced Community Testing in May 2012. Testing is on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month with an average of 15 to 20 people tested per session. The service is open to anybody who wishes to avail of it and is a perfect example of how a hospital clinic and a community based organisation can work together to break down barriers for people most at risk of contracting HIV.
HIV Ireland believes it is time for individuals and society to take responsibility on how we respond to HIV. This is crucial if we are to tear down the fear and prejudice that continues to surround people who live with HIV. The impact AIDS has had on Irish society must never be forgotten. However, it is now time to focus on HIV, to have a conversation about HIV and the impact it continues to have on the lives of many people in Ireland today. For the 384 people who were newly diagnosed with HIV in Ireland in 2014, and for the 119 people newly diagnosed with HIV so far this year, it is a conversation that has only just begun.
News on upcoming Events
The chair of the 2015 AIDS Impact Conference Udi Davidovich wanted personally to invite you to a wonderful summer week in Amsterdam full of knowledge and personal experiences from July 28 to 31, 2015. AIDS Impact is a psychosocial research tradition and attention to care and community aspects, please visit www.AIDSImpact.com 

The deadline for the late breaker abstracts is June 1st.

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