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 News from AIDS Action Europe
 A Preview of the EU HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum Meeting
On May 27 AIDS Action Europe organises with EATG the 17th meeting of the HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum (CSF) in Brussels. The current and future state of HIV Policy in Europe will be a prime agenda item. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) will present the outcomes of the 2012 Monitoring... >>
"Right to health, right to life" - High Level Meeting on HIV and Human Rights in the European Union and its neighbouring countries

This High Level Meeting, jointly organised by EC and UNAIDS takes place in Brussels on 27 & 28 May 2013. The purpose of this meeting is to promote and protect human rights and get towards zero discrimination in the EU and neighbouring countries. Specific objectives are to... >>

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Report on the AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee meeting - April 2013
On April 22-23, the AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee met for its bi-annual meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The agenda included an evaluation of 2012, and planning and monitoring of the 2013 and 2014 work plans. However the core discussion concerned... >>
Member in the Spotlight:     AIDS Hilfe Wien
Austria counts approximately 500 new HIV-diagnoses per year. Everyone has access to testing & counselling, regardless of insurance and citizenship. Anonymous tests are available for HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B and C, some are for free.
Bridging the gap for MSM and migrants
AIDS Hilfe Wien makes an effort to bridge the gap between diagnostics, therapy and prevention in particular for most at risks populations:
Men having sex with men. Two years ago Aids Hilfe Wien has started community based testing with the aim to motivate MSM to get tested. This services is offered in gay clubs and during the Vienna pride week, among others.
Migrants. Migrants from high prevalence countries are addressed via other organizations.
With joint efforts the number of tests in both groups increased significantly.
National network of AIDS Hilfen
In the 1980s the Austrian Ministry of Health has assigned regional Aids Hilfen to provide prevention, counselling and testing as well as to support people living with HIV. Aids Hilfe Wien is located in Vienna and offers services for the eastern part of Austria. Currently the staff consists of 36 full- and part-time employees, over 40 freelance facilitators and 130 volunteers.
Isabell Eibl - Director Prevention AIDS Hilfe Wien
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AIDS Action Europe currently unites more than 400 NGOs in 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia. We hope that member NGOs presenting themselves will inspire other NGOs throughout the region and that it will encourage further linking and learning between our members. Together we can work towards a better response to the HIV epidemic!

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