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 Civil society pushes for renewal EU Health Policy beyond 2013
Mid-March Lella Cosmaro and Anna Zakowicz, co-chairs of the HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum (CSF), will meet with representatives of the Cabinet of EU Commissioner Tonio Borg to discuss the need for a renewed European HIV policy beyond 2013.
2013 is the final year of the EU Commission Communication and Action Plan on HIV/AIDS 2009-2013. At the last CSF meeting in December 2012 it was agreed that the CSF should push for a renewed Communication and Action Plan. Consequently a letter from  the CSF was sent to EU Commissioner Borg, to urge him to:
- renew the European commitment to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care,
- safeguard the role that civil society plays in drafting and monitoring the EU policy. 
As a result, the CSF co-chairs are invited to this meeting. We will use this opportunity to discuss as well the agenda of the upcoming EC/UNAIDS ‘Right to Health, Right to Life - HIV/AIDS and Human Rights’ conference in Brussels, 27-28 May 2013. We will keep you informed on the outcomes of our meeting.

Martine de Schutter – Executive Coordinator AIDS Action Europe
Our newsletter is revised -What do you think of it?
We can state that we all suffer from “infobesitas” nowadays. Due to this overload of information our attention span has declined. Manageability and personal relevance have become key.
Therefore we have revised our newsletter. First of all it is shortened and has an increased frequency of 10 times per year. Furthermore we try to be as relevant as possible to the AIDS Action Europe network by focusing on our and our member’s activities.
We would highly appreciate if you could spare a minute of your time to tell us what you think of the AIDS Action Europe Network News by filling in the short survey in English or Russian. Feedback would help us hugely in further improving our newsletter.
We would love to hear from you! Thank you very much in advance,
The AIDS Action Europe team
 Member in the Spotlight
Association "Belarusian AIDS Network"
We consider it our achievement that all important national documents, programs and reports that have impact in the sphere of HIV in Belarus are developed in close collaboration with the Belarusian AIDS Network.
Rapid information exchange organized by our association allows us to identify barriers in advocacy for the rights of vulnerable groups and people living with HIV and come up with a prompt joint response.
Through efforts of the Belarusian AIDS Network, unified standards for the provision of social HIV services were developed, endorsed by member NGOs and recommended to other organizations working in the field.
Association “Belarusian AIDS Network” was established in 2007 and for three years operated as an informal union of NGOs. In 2010 our network was officially registered in Belarus. Currently our association unites 16 leading HIV organizations striving to improve the national and local response to HIV in Belarus.
Activities are focused on two priority areas:
• advocacy for the interests of HIV-service NGOs, capacity building for these NGOs and community leaders;
• advocacy to address the human rights of people living with HIV and vulnerable groups at risk of HIV infection.
Important information and data about HIV prevention and treatment in Belarus, as well as about activities of civil society organizations, is regularly uploaded to our website.
Olga Satsuk
PR manager - Association "Belarusian AIDS Network"
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AIDS Action Europe currently unites more than 400 NGOs in 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia. We hope that member NGOs presenting themselves will inspire other NGOs throughout the region and that it will encourage further linking and learning between our members. Together we can work towards a better response to the HIV epidemic!

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