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AIDS cases on the rise in Latvia due to delayed treatment
Aigars CeplitisAigars Ceplitis, the Vice-Chair of the Latvian organisation AGIHAS (PLWHA Support group) explained AAE why it is important to start HIV/AIDS therapy early and how Latvia postpones starting treatment at 350 CD4 count. Aigars is a Steering Committee Member of AIDS Action Europe; his organization is also member of the EU HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum and of the Baltic Association.
The Latvian guidelines are the only ones in Europe where HIV therapy starts at 200 CD4 count. European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) guidelines recommend starting therapy at 350-500 CD4 count, in some cases above 500 and the WHO guidelines advise to start treatment at 500. New findings from the START study published in May 2015 show proof that early treatment is beneficial for people living with HIV. To start treatment at a CD4 count over 500 cells/mm3 count is safer than waiting till 350 CD4 count or even worse at 200.

The Latvian Government has promised to change the guidelines to EU-standard to start treatment at least at 350 CD4 count, but nothing has happened so far.
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HIV and TB in Prisons 
AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW)Prisons are often a catalyst for the outbreak of contagious disease epidemics. Prisoners are, therefore, much more likely to contract and spread diseases. This article will explore why prisoners are at greater risk for contracting certain infections, why this inequity should not be tolerated, and how this issue is innately connected to the public health of the general population.

Why does it matter?
Prison health has no priority on the different political, global, agendas. It is often assumed that the imprisonment is a result of one or more bad decisions. In many countries, people may be imprisoned for years while awaiting a trial, only to be found innocent of the crime for which they are charged. Regardless of the reason for imprisonment, the punishment of a prisoner should revolve around the lack of freedom, not the lack of healthcare.

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Other Advocacy News
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Network News - Association Rainbow
Asocijacija Duga / Association RainbowIn this Newsletter we would like to introduce you Association Rainbow, member of the AAE Network.
Asocijacija Duga/Association Rainbow is an organization from Serbia established in 2004. The focus is on LGBT issues and HIV/AIDS prevention among MSM (men who have sex with men) population. Since 2007 we started HIV/AIDS prevention program in MSM population with financial support of The Global Fund and supervision of Ministry of Health in Serbia. Within the program we are implementing outreach activities where we provide users with: VCCT (voluntary and confidential counseling and testing), condoms and lubes, medical consultation, peer education, psychosocial support and we are the only organization who works with MSM and have mobile medical unit (vehicle) for providing services above mentioned.
Testing in mobile medical bus: Asocijacija Duga / Association RainbowSince the end of 2014 Global Fund doesn’t support Serbia for HIV/AIDS prevention and most organizations have limited their activities. At the moment we are the only organization who continues to provide VCCT in MSM population thanks to funding by seven local governments. In terms of sustainability of our activities we established social enterprise ‘’Moonrise’’ that employs LGBT people and organized: seminars, conferences, meetings and other events and also have a hostel.
News on upcoming Events - HIV/AIDS CSF Meeting
HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum
The HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum is gathering again, for the 21st time in Luxembourg on July 6-7, to discuss the current state and latest developments in HIV policy in Europe.
Besides the recurring agenda points, the topics of the meeting include PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) and prevention among MSM, home HIV testing and the results from the START trial. Please find the agenda here.

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