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 Importance of EU Civil Society Forum on HIV/AIDS reaffirmed

Monitoring questionnaire gives valuable insight
Preliminary results of a monitoring questionnaire set out among EU HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum (CSF) members give valuable insight into the positive way the CSF as a mechanism is perceived. Answers by respondents stress the added value of the CSF for local and national advocacy and policy influencing. The Finnish member states that the European level helped to target a new national HIV strategy. In Serbia CSF discussions served as inspiration for an initiative to change the Penalty Law, as part of a larger strategy to tackle discrimination. In rough financial times for many civil society organisations and activists, this comes as good news.
"Being a member of the CSF means being connected to the realities of HIV/AIDS at the European level" – CSF member from Romania

Involved in monitoring EU Communication and Action Plan on HIV/AIDS
2013 is the final year of the EU Commission Communication and Action Plan on HIV/AIDS 2009-2013. Members of the CSF, which is co-chaired by AIDS Action Europe, have formulated relevant input during the drafting phase of the document.
Right now, they are also involved in monitoring this European policy document and its implementation by field actors. How are actions at different levels e.g. EC, civil society, national and international organisations, influenced by the Communication and Action Plan and what are the effects?
Report outcomes expected early 2013
The questionnaire, part of a larger monitor, was developed by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and distributed and compiled by AIDS Action Europe. This questionnaire was a follow up to the one distributed mid-2011, which resulted in a Special Report published in April 2012. We will inform you when the new comprehensive report is released (expected spring 2013). 
View the list of HIV/AIDS Civil Society Members to see which organisation is representing your country.
 Member in the spotlight
International HIV Partnerships
Developing strategic alliances
Based in London, International HIV Partnerships (IHIVP) teams with HIV stakeholders to support, develop and promote strategic alliances for successful responses to HIV and related conditions. Stakeholders include people living with HIV, community and treatment advocates, healthcare providers, researchers, journalists as well as government, international organizations and industry.
Activities we conduct, include:
* information and experience sharing;
* coaching and planning; 
* networking and communications; 
* project design;
* funding and development; 
* advocacy for treatment and research advances; 
* cooperative trainings and educational projects.
Throughout the region
IHIVP has ongoing partnerships in Serbia, Turkey and throughout Central and South East Europe among others. In addition we have, in collaboration with European AIDS Clinical Society, developed the ECReCo, an annual clinical research course for young doctors from underserved countries.
Keep it Low!
One of the projects we are proud of is Network of Low HIV Prevalence Countries in Central and South East Europe (NeLP). This new 17-country network advocates for more targeted testing, optimal treatment and diagnostics, prevention and anti-stigma campaigns.
Watch Keep it Low!, an impression about NeLP's first strategic planning workshop in Belgrade in October 2012.

We are pleased to be a new member of the AIDS Action Europe network.
Ben Collins
Project Manager IHIVP
NeLP founder and serving on its Coordinating Committee
For more information visit www.ihivp.org or to discuss possible partnerships contact IHIVP

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AIDS Action Europe currently unites more than 400 NGOs in 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia. We hope that member NGOs presenting themselves will inspire other NGOs throughout the region and that it will encourage further linking and learning between our members. Together we can work towards a better response to the HIV epidemic!

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