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BORDERNETwork: How to disseminate research results?
The BORDERNETwork project has reached its final stage. On November 26, 2012, its Dissemination Conference took place in Luxemburg. The one-day meeting aimed to find ways to bridge research results and practice. In other words, how to implement the research results on HIV combination prevention at European level in a sustainable manner.
Watch the video to get an impression
of the meeting!  
16th Civil Society Forum - Highlights
On 2 - 3 December 2012 the main topics during the 16th Civil Society Forum (CSF) were migrants and HIV, human rights and HIV and treatment as prevention.

The CSF is calling on the European Commission to develop a new Communication and Action Plan on HIV/AIDS beyond 2013. The current one is expiring in 2013 and the CSF believes that HIV/AIDS should remain a priority issue. WHO presented its findings: HIV is still on the rise in Europe, and 50% of HIV diagnoses are late presenters. A letter to the new Commissioner Tonio Borg is being prepared as we speak. Civil society is dedicated to...
The Impact of Imp.Ac.T - Final Conference
On November 21-22, 2012, the final conference of project Imp.Ac.T - Improving Access to HIV/TB Testing for Marginalized Groups - took place in Rome, Italy. Aim of the conference was to report on the project outcomes and to share best practices and lessons learnt.
Implemented in Italy, Slovenia, Check Republic and the Netherlands, the project's general objective was to improve access to HIV and TB testing, prevention, treatment and care for two “hard to reach” risk groups: drug users and migrants drug users.
The project developed a common methodology to...
Broader Introduction of New Advocacy Strategies on HIV Prevention in Armenia
NGO We for Civil Equality is implementing the EU funded project Broader introduction of effective HIV prevention strategies targeting most-at-risk populations in the ENPI-East region in Armenia.
On November 15-17, 2012, a national consultation was held in Yerevan on HIV/AIDS Prevention Operations Assessment and Advocacy Strategy Development for vulnerable groups: Injecting Drug Users (IDU), Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) and Men having Sex with Men (MSM). 62 leading specialists representing several organizations like national and international NGOs, UN-agencies and government participated in the national consultation.
During the consultation a draft national strategy for.... 
Upcoming events
02-06-2013 - 04-06-2013 (Miami, USA)
09-06-2013 - 12-06-2013 (Vilnius, Lithuania) 
30-06-2013 - 03-07-2013 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
STI & AIDS 2013
14-07-2013 - 17-07-2013 (Vienna, Austria) 
21st World Congress for Sexual Health 
21-09-2013 - 24-09-2013 (Porto Alegre, Brasil) 
HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe
With no clear indication of a decline in the number of cases being diagnosed each year, HIV continues to be a major public health concern for Europe. In 2011, more than 28000 new cases were diagnosed in European Union and European Economic Area Member States; a rate of 5.7 cases in every 100000 people.
This report, prepared jointly with the WHO Regional Office for Europe, presents data on HIV and AIDS for the whole European Region. 
HIV Indicator Conditions - Guidance for implementing HIV Testing in Adults in Health Care Settings
The HIV in Europe initiative has released its Guidance document. The objectives of the guidance are to:
• Encourage and support the inclusion of indicator condition-guided HIV testing in national HIV testing strategies, taking into account the local HIV prevalence, ongoing testing programmes and the local healthcare setting;
• Recommend approaches and practical tools for education and training of healthcare professionals on overcoming barriers to recommending an HIV test. 
The Future of European Prevention among Men who have Sex with Men
Compilation of lectures and seminars held at FEMP 2011, the first pan-European conference on HIV prevention among MSM. The main purpose of the conference was to bring together the four primary actors in the MSM prevention field: governmental agencies (including the health care sector), NGOs, academia and the commercial sector, and to connect the participants with existing European initiatives.
With a special focus on the situation in EECA, sharing best practices and research. 
Members section: COLEGAS - Spanish LGBT Network
The following section is devoted to the members of AIDS Action Europe. AIDS Action Europe currently unites more than 400 NGOs in 46 countries in Europe and Central Asia. In each e-news, one of our member NGOs presents its organisation and its activities to the rest of the network. We hope that this will inspire other NGOs throughout the region and that it will encourage further linking and learning between our members. Together we can work to a better response to the HIV epidemic!
Do you want to present your organisation in our next e-news? Please contact our communications coordinator Maureen Sellmeijer.

Our member: COLEGAS - Spanish LGBT Network
COLEGAS is an umbrella LGBT NGO platform established in 1989, striving for equality and rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Spain. Our work since the 80s is closely related to HIV/AIDS prevention in homosexual groups, immigrant youth and victims of prostitution.Colegas - Spanish LGBT Network
Colegas - Spanish LGBT Network
In contrast to other platforms in Spain we do not focus on party and entertainment usually associated with homosexuals. We strongly believe that LGBT people need to prioritize actions in small towns and in low populated areas in the north and south of our country.  Here they can contribute to providing services for LGBT people, in places where the public administration is not present.
Since last month I have taken the task on behalf of our national board to link with international organizations and relevant platforms. Aim is to learn from other organizations and to receive information about how we could improve our efforts in the subject areas. Therefore we have joined AIDS Action Europe.
As the fight against HIV and AIDS is one of our priorities we are quite happy to be part of the AIDS Action Europe network. We hope to learn more about the network and to make use of the expertise inlogo Colegas our future projects.
Rafa Moral
General Secretary COLEGAS
Want to link up with other member NGOs? Like us on Facebook and meet them on Member Monday!
News from the AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee
On October 16-17, 2012, chair Lena Grigoryeva warmly welcomed the Steering Committee to Minsk for its second meeting of the year. The meeting started with a very interesting and informative update from Lena and her colleagues of the Belarus Community of PLHIV on the HIV situation in Belarus.
Press Conference MinskPress conference well visited
During a well visited press conference titled HIV-positive citizens of Belarus have the right to live, the Belarus Community of PLHIV and AIDS Action Europe jointly stressed the vulnerable position of people living with HIV. Amongst other Belarus National TV-channel was present and broadcasted  a reportage.
Lively discussion stakeholders meeting
As usual the Steering Committee organised a session in which we invited our local members and stakeholders. A good opportunity to meet in person and to talk about the concerns and problems they face in their daily work. There was a lively and open discussion between Belarusian NGOs, members of the Steering Committee and the UNAIDS Country Coordinator in Belarus.
Impressed by perseverance
All members of the Steering Committee were very impressed with the bravery and the perseverance of the Belarusian NGOs, who have to work under difficult circumstances, but nevertheless find ways to keep doing their important and much needed work.
All topics discussed can be found in the minutes, soon available on www.aidsactioneurope.org.
A change in the composition of the Steering Committee
Wim Vandervelde unfortunately has stepped down as a Steering Committee member. We cordially thank Wim for his commitment to AIDS Action Europe and for providing expertise we have thankfully made use of.
His seat is taken by Brian West (European AIDS Treatment Group) and we are very pleased to have him on board. Welcome Brian!
Furthermore our dedicated member Yusef Azad has served two terms in the Steering Committee and his position can't be extended. We highly appreciate his meaningful contribution towards AIDS Action Europe in all these years. Many thanks to you and wishing you the best of luck!
Brian West (credit: Olga Satsuk)
We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a
merry Christmas and a very healthy and prosperous 2013!
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