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 News from AIDS Action Europe
 European Commission ensures commitment on HIV in Europe beyond 2013
On March 18, 2013, Lella Cosmaro and Anna Zakowicz, co-chairs of the HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum (CSF) advocated for a renewed commitment of the European Commission on HIV policy beyond 2013. They met in Brussels with Paula Duarte Gaspar, representative of EU Commissioner Tonio Borg’s cabinet.
During the meeting the CSF co-chairs stressed the strong concern of civil society for...
The AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee meeting
The next AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee meeting is planned for April 22-23 and will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This time we will mainly focus on the adopted strategic framework in view of regional developments and economic perspectives.
If you wish to raise any issues for discussion by the Steering Committee, please inform us. Minutes of the meeting will be posted afterwards on our website.
Member in the Spotlight:
Forum Link
A coordinated voice for HIV patient groups across the UK
Forum Link aims to build a national network of likeminded HIV positive patient groups whilst promoting strength and individuality within our member organisations.

Strengthening HIV Service User representation
While retaining a strong HIV positive person-centered ethos, our services focus on strengthening HIV patient group representation in:
- service delivery,
- development locally, regionally and nationally,
in line with the UK government’s Patient Public Involvement Strategy of 2010.
Increasing engagement
Forum Link began in 2004 in response to:
- the changing clinical and treatment environment of people living with HIV,
- the growing number of HIV patient and service user groups,
- patient engagement groups involved in developing services.
Legislators and policy makers, commissioners and National Health Service providers are increasingly engaging with these groups in the planning of healthcare services.
Substantial percentage of HIV+ community
Currently the Forum Link has grown to over twenty individual clinical patient groups representing several thousands of patients accessing treatment centres across the country. Collectively, Forum Link represents a substantial percentage of the UK’s HIV positive community. We gained charitable status in January this year.
Paul Decle - Coordinator Forum Link
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Your organisation in the spotlight? Please contact our communications coordinator Maureen Sellmeijer.
AIDS Action Europe currently unites more than 400 NGOs in 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia. We hope that member NGOs presenting themselves will inspire other NGOs throughout the region and that it will encourage further linking and learning between our members. Together we can work towards a better response to the HIV epidemic!

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