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Patient Partner Southern European Regional Workshop

24.03.2010 to 25.03.2010
Place to be confirmed

PatientPartner is a European project investigating, enforcing and advising on the role of patient organisations in clinical trials.

The project’s main goals are:

  • to make inventories of the needs of patient organisations regarding their involvement in clinical research; as well as the needs and expectations of other involved stakeholders;
  • to identify and realise common points of action amongst all stakeholders through engaging
    in an active dialogue;
  • to realise a European Network of Patients partnering in Clinical Research (ENPCR) to support the projects’ goals with their advice and to create a European network for interaction with the other stakeholders in the clinical trial field;
  • to create European, patient‐centred guiding tools and recommendations on how to create a successful partnership in the clinical trials context.

After the first Central PatientPartner Workshop in Brussels (11 June 2009), three two‐day Regional Workshops are organised in three European regions:

  1. a North‐Western European Workshop (12 and 13 October 2009, London, United Kingdom),
  2. a Central and Eastern European Workshop (30 November and 1 December 2009, place to be confirmed),
  3. a Southern European Workshop, and (24 and 25 March 2010, place to be confirmed).

These three regional workshops are meant for dialogue on regional‐specific opportunities and hurdles towards more partnership in clinical trials, for example in relation to access to information, patients’ rights, cultural and political aspects, relationship between the various stakeholders, etc. Your input as stakeholders is of a key importance, not only for these workshops
but also for the implementation of the project’s results in your own region in the near future. More information about the project as well as the different workshops is available at

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