Policy Brief on Access to HIV-, Viral Hepatitis-, and TB-Services for People in Prison and Other Closed Settings


In 2019 the European HIV Legal Forum (EHLF) produced a comparative legal report on access to HIV-, viral hepatitis-, and TB-services for people in prison and other closed settings, based on a legal survey launched in the 10 countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Spain, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

Based on and derived from the main findings of the report, in 2020 AIDS Action Europe prepared a policy brief on access to HIV-, viral hepatitis-, and TB-services with specific policy recommendations.

  • WHO European region
  • Advocacy
  • Human rights
  • Inequalities in health
  • Laws and regulations
  • Legislation
  • Policy
  • (Undocumented) Migrants
  • General public
  • Health care professionals
  • NGOs
  • People living with HIV (PLHIV)
  • People who are/were in prisons
  • Policy makers
  • Prisoners (ex-)

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