С 5 по 7 июля «СПИД Фонд Восток-Запад» (AFEW) провел тренинг в рамках нового проекта «РОСТ» – Развитие Организационного Сотрудничества и Технической поддержки в Восточной Европе и Центральной Азии. Этот проект был инициирован сетью Европейское действие по СПИДу, и AFEW отвечает за его реализацию в регионе. 

В трехдневном тренинге «Развитие регионального потенциала и мобилизация ресурсов НПО в вопросах адвокации в сфере ВИЧ-инфекции», который прошел в Киеве, приняли участие представители местных НПО и активисты в области адвокации из 13 стран и республик Восточной Европы и Центральной Азии.

Rost Training KievRost Training KievRost Training KievRost Training Kiev

The theme of advocacy skills is very timely for many NGOs working in the EECA region and participants were keen to learn about advocacy success stories. The group discussed the main political barriers to advocacy work and challenges inherent to the EECA region. They also learnt how to write effective informational messages and conduct monitoring and evaluation of advocacy events.

Layma Geidar, whose work includes PR consultancy, human rights education and leadership of the feminist organisation ‘Women’s Network’ (‘Zhenskaya Set’), was a lead trainer. She was joined by Alla Yaroshenko, a psychologist and junior academic at the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute for Social and Court Psychology and Narcology, who specialises in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, crisis management and HIV counselling.

Rost Training KievRost Training KievRost Training KievRost Training Kiev

At the end of the event, all participants signed their names to a memorandum for future action, which included recommendations on how they could collaborate on projects to improve the lives of people affected by HIV or at risk of HIV. A small grant application contest was also announced during the training. The five successful applicants will be provided with funding and asked to organise advocacy events in 5 regions over 5 months.

Liza Berezina – AIDS Foundation East-West