Вы вовлечены в работу неправительственной или общественной организации, работающей в сфере ВИЧ / СПИД?
Ваша организация является членом или партнером Европейского действия по СПИДу?
Вы мотивированы работать для более эффективного противодействия эпидемиям ВИЧ, туберкулеза и вирусных гепатитов в Европе и Центральной Азии?

Если да, то подавайтесь сейчас!

В настоящее время в нашем Руководящем комитете есть 3 вакансии на трехлетний период с 2021 по 2023 год, начиная с 1 января 2021 года.

Поскольку рабочий язык Руководящего комитета английский, читайте более подброную информацию ниже на английском языке.

AIDS Action Europe is governed by a Steering Committee of currently 9 persons composed by individuals from members of AAE. It acts as the governing body on all programmatic issues concerning policy, strategy, finance, monitoring and evaluation.

Serving on the Steering Committee is a significant commitment of time and effort (about 15 days yearly including 2 two-day face-to-face meetings with the Steering Committee and 7 conference calls), and although an unpaid position, the rewards are also significant. As a Steering Committee member, you will have numerous opportunities to become involved in key European and international challenges and emerging issues and to develop new relationships with Steering Committee members and AIDS Action Europe members from around Europe and Central Asia.

Read further about the criteria and Steering Committee Member profile here.

If you are interested and meet the criteria, please apply! Your application should consist of a letter explaining your motivation, your curriculum vitae, and a supporting letter from your home organisation, all in English.

Send your application by November 29, 2020 
to Michael.Krone@aidsactioneurope.org

The Steering Committee is striving to achieve a good balance on gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, HIV-status, expertise and geographical coverage. Applications from people living with HIV and representatives of other key populations, (gay men and other MSM, transgender people, sex workers, people who use drugs, people with migration experience, people with incarceration experience) are given preferential consideration.

Interviews for shortlisted candidates are planned for the period of Dec 12 to Dec 20, 2020. For further information, please see