All-Ukrainian Charity Foundation 'Drop-In Centre' (Всеукраинский Благотворительная организация "Благотворительній фонд "Дроп ин Центр")
All-Ukrainian Harm Reduction Association
Alliance against Discrimination of LGBT, Albania
Altai regional public organisation "Positive development"
Alternatíve Foundation
Alternative Georgia
AMC, Hiv Monitoring Foundation
Andrey Rylkov’s Foundation to protect health and social justice
Anonimous AIDS Association
APRAD - Albanian Association for Prevention and Rehabilitation from Alcohol a.o. Drugs
ARAS - Romanian Association Against AIDS
ARAS Iasi (Romanian Association Against AIDS, Iasi)
Arcigay - Italian LGBTI Association
Armenian National AIDS Foundation (ANAF)
Asocijacija Duga/Association Rainbow
Associação Existências
Associação Existências
Association "Eu sunt! Tu?"
Association "Platform" (Stowarzyszenie "Pomost")
Association "Positive Life", organization of patients living with HIV/AIDS (Ассоциация "Позитивная жизнь", организация пациентов с ВИЧ/СПИД)
Association "Red line"
Association Avenir Sante France
Association for Harm Reduction STIGMA
Association for Healthy Life Styles PULSE
Association Margina
Association of organizations working in the field of HIV-infection and drug use in Pridnestrovje region (Ассоциация организации работающих в сфере профилактике ВИЧ-инфекции и наркомани
Association of people living with HIV and their close ones NGO "Ishonch va Hayot"
Association of young psychologists and doctors ''Xenon''

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