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Testing and counselling

Implementation of Community-Based Voluntary Counseling and Testing (CBVCT) Programs and Services; HIV-COBATEST Quantitative Study Report


This report has been elaborated in the context of Work Package 5 of the project “HIV Community-Based Testing Practices in Europe”.The main objectives of the HIV-COBATEST project is to promote early diagnosis of HIV infection in Europe by implementing, building, and evaluating community-based...

Tags: NGOs, Policy makers, WHO European region, Policy, Testing and counselling, Universal access
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HIV-COBATEST project cross-national survey on the implementation of CBVCT programmes; Quantitative Report


This report has been elaborated in the context of Work Package 4 of the project “HIV Community-Based Testing Practices in Europe”. The main objective is to describe the implementation of Community Based Voluntary Counseling and Testing (CBVCT) programmes in Europe in order to gain a thorough...

Tags: Policy makers, NGOs, WHO European region, Testing and counselling, Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation
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Checkpoint (hiv-sneltest)

Stan Van Loon

Checkpoint was de naam van de eerste hiv-sneltest-faciliteit in Nederland. Dit vrijwilligersproject was gevestigd in Amsterdam en vanaf 21 juni 2002 tot haar opheffing op 27 juni 2008 hebben bijna 5000 mensen zich bij Checkpoint op hiv laten testen.

De door Checkpoint gehanteerde sneltest...

Tags: Policy makers, NGOs, Western Europe, Testing and counselling, Prevention
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Acceptability and feasibility of introducing the HIV rapid oral test in CBVCTs

Dr Laura Fernàndez - ICO; Agència Salut Pública de Catalunya

Rapid HIV tests can play an important role in HIV prevention activities and expand access to testing in both clinical and nonclinical settings. The objective of the study is to assess the acceptability, feasibility and impact of introducing oral rapid test technologies at the network of...

Tags: NGOs, Health care professionals, Policy makers, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Research, Prevention, Testing and counselling
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A guide to doing it better in our CBVCT centres. Core practices in some European CBVCT centres

Laura Rios Guardiola Jean-Marie Le Gall Beata Umubyeyi-Mairesse HIV-COBATEST Project Steering Committee WP5 Working Group

This document provides ideas and existing practices on how CBVCT centers can implement and offer their services. Respecting the value of “learning by doing”, some NGOs already performing CBVCT have worked together in order to collect their experiences and inspire new practices. Being aware of...

Tags: NGOs, Health care professionals, Western Europe, Testing and counselling
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