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Testing and counselling

Report on the results of self-assessment of the voluntary counselling and testing services (BORDERNETwork WP6)

K.Rüütel, I.Eibl, A.Leffers, B.Milgrave, K.Kulczycki, G.Musat, B.Kucharova, J.Kalikov, R.Dimitrova, T.Arsova Netzelmann

The BORDERNETwork project conducted a self-assessment of the quality of HIV/STI VCT services, based on the Code of Good Practice for NGOs Responding to HIV/AIDS, developed by IPPF ( In 8 EU countries, HIV-test counsellors from 17 VCT sites...

Tags: Health care professionals, NGOs, Policy makers, WHO European region, Monitoring and Evaluation, Testing and counselling, Research
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Early Access to HIV/STI diagnostic for vulnerable groups. Country profiles report (BORDERNETwork WP6)

K.Rüütel, I.Eibl, A.Leffers, B.Milgrave, K.Kulczycki, G.Musat, B.Kucharova, O.Sluzhynska

BORDERNETwork conducted in 8 EU countries and Ukraine literature review on background information, existing HIV/STI services and barriers to early access for key vulnerable groups (SW, IDUs). Focus-groups with both clients and providers were conducted in order to identify and prioritize possible...

Tags: People who use drugs (PUD), Sex workers, Health care professionals, WHO European region, Testing and counselling, Universal access, Human rights
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Estimating the likelihood of recent HIV infection - implications for criminal prosecution

National AIDS Trust (NAT)

This briefing paper considers the validity and meaning of scientific tests to estimate the likelihood of a recent infection in persons already diagnosed as HIV positive – known generically as RITA tests (Recent Infection Testing Algorithm) – in the context of prosecutions for HIV transmission....

Tags: Health care professionals, People living with HIV (PLHIV), NGOs, Western Europe, Laws and regulations, Policy, Testing and counselling
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