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Testing and counselling

Guidance on couples HIV testing and counselling, including antiretroviral therapy for treatment and prevention in serodiscordant couples

World Health Organization (WHO)

New WHO guidelines recommend offering HIV testing and counselling to couples, wherever HIV testing and counselling is available, including in antenatal clinics. For couples where only one partner is HIV positive, the guidelines recommend offering antiretroviral therapy to the HIV positive...

Tags: NGOs, Policy makers, Health care professionals, Global, Positive prevention, Treatment, Testing and counselling
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Introduction to ARV Therapy

Group of authors

This leaflet gives basic information about ARV therapy for people affected with HIV - both for those who are starting the therapy, or have been taking HIV treatment for a long time, as well as people close to them.

Tags: General public, People living with HIV (PLHIV), Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Testing and counselling, Treatment
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HIV in Primary Care

Madge S, Matthews M, Singh S, Theobald N

An essential guide for GPs, practice nurses and other members of the primary healthcare team. Fully revised and updated for 2011, the booklet covers:
the clinical diagnosis of HIV in primary care with photographs; how to offer an HIV test and give results; side-effects of antiretroviral...

Tags: Health care professionals, Western Europe, Care and support, Stigma and discrimination, Testing and counselling
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Report on the results of self-assessment of the voluntary counselling and testing services (BORDERNETwork WP6)

K.Rüütel, I.Eibl, A.Leffers, B.Milgrave, K.Kulczycki, G.Musat, B.Kucharova, J.Kalikov, R.Dimitrova, T.Arsova Netzelmann

The BORDERNETwork project conducted a self-assessment of the quality of HIV/STI VCT services, based on the Code of Good Practice for NGOs Responding to HIV/AIDS, developed by IPPF ( In 8 EU countries, HIV-test counsellors from 17 VCT sites...

Tags: Health care professionals, NGOs, Policy makers, WHO European region, Monitoring and Evaluation, Testing and counselling, Research
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Early Access to HIV/STI diagnostic for vulnerable groups. Country profiles report (BORDERNETwork WP6)

K.Rüütel, I.Eibl, A.Leffers, B.Milgrave, K.Kulczycki, G.Musat, B.Kucharova, O.Sluzhynska

BORDERNETwork conducted in 8 EU countries and Ukraine literature review on background information, existing HIV/STI services and barriers to early access for key vulnerable groups (SW, IDUs). Focus-groups with both clients and providers were conducted in order to identify and prioritize possible...

Tags: People who use drugs (PUD), Sex workers, Health care professionals, WHO European region, Testing and counselling, Universal access, Human rights
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