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Testing and counselling

HIV Communication and Counseling

Фонд "Здоровье и развитие"

In this film an experienced trainer walks viewers through positive and negative examples of pre- and post-test counseling with both high- and low-risk patients. It is intended for use with health care providers as training material and a springboard for discussion in any format.

Tags: Health care professionals, Central Europe, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Global, Testing and counselling, Sexual education, Prevention
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HIV Indicator Conditions - Guidance for Implementing HIV Testing in Adults in Health Care Settings

HIV in Europe

The HIV in Europe initiative has released its Guidance document. The objectives of the guidance are to:
• Encourage and support the inclusion of indicator condition-guided HIV testing in national HIV testing strategies, taking into account the local HIV prevalence, ongoing testing...

Tags: Health care professionals, WHO European region, Testing and counselling
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Improving access to early HIV/STI diagnostics for vulnerable groups. Learning from the practice: a practical recommendation guide

Consortium of BORDERNETwork project partners, Publisher: National Institute for Health Development, Estonia

The goal of the report is to summarize the results of piloting HIV/STI service provision for key vulnerable groups conducted by 9 BORDERNETwork partners in 7 EU countries and to provide guidance for future actions. More than 1 400 vulnerable persons took up free-of charge and confidential low-...

Tags: Policy makers, NGOs, Health care professionals, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Universal access, Testing and counselling, Prevention
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