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Quality development and assurance

The Quality Improvement tools of Quality Action Implementation Guide - HIV combination prevention and chemsex interventions_cover_web

The Quality Improvement tools of Quality Action Implementation Guide: HIV combination prevention and chemsex interventions

AIDS Action Europe (AAE)

This implementation guide aims to assist those interventions working on HIV combination prevention and chemsex in improving the quality of their project work

Phenomena such as the use of any combination of drugs such as crystal methamphetamine, mephedrone and/or other party drugs before...

Tags: Health care professionals, NGOs, Policy makers, Global, Monitoring and Evaluation, Quality development and assurance
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IQhiv: Improving Quality in HIV prevention in Europe, since 2009

IQhiv is an initiative of civil society, government, academic and international organizations investigating quality assurance and quality improvement practices relevant to HIV prevention programs and projects across Europe.

IQhiv's mission is to improve the effectiveness of HIV...

Quality Action: Improving Quality in HIV Prevention in Europe (2013-2016)

Quality Action aims to increase the effectiveness of HIV prevention using practical Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Improvement (QI) tools. It will train at least 60 trainers/facilitators in the 25 participating member states to provide capacity building and technical assistance to at least...

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Toolkit for MSM Checkpoints

EURO HIV EDAT project, Matthias Kuske

A Working Group of Checkpoints from all over Europe developed an interactive Toolkit for community-based, voluntary counselling and testing (CBVCT) services targeting men who have sex with men (MSM). This Toolkit is part of the Euro HIV EDAT (Early HIV Diagnosis And Testing in Europe,...

Tags: Gay men and other MSM, Health care professionals, LGBTI, Men having sex with men (MSM), NGOs, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, WHO European region, Advocacy, Affordability, Capacity building, Care and support, Co-infections, Human rights, Laws and regulations, Legislation, Media, Monitoring and Evaluation, Quality development and assurance, Sexual and reproductive health, Social issues, STI's, Stigma and discrimination, Testing and counselling, Treatment
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UNAIDS terminology guidelines.png

UNAIDS Terminology Guidelines - 2015


Language shapes beliefs and may influence behaviours. Considered use of appropriate language has the power to strengthen the global response to the AIDS epidemic. That is why the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) is pleased to make these guidelines to Preferred terminology...

Tags: General public, NGOs, Policy makers, Global, Capacity building, Quality development and assurance, Stigma and discrimination, Universal access
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