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Harm reduction

Who’s afraid of science? Data collection, quality standards and evaluation -Examples from Europe

Braam, R., Ferri, M., Gasbarini, N., Lee, J., Wentzlaff-Eggebert, M.

Many NGOs and grass-root services have indicated that
they have insufficient knowledge, expertise and skills to
document, monitor and evaluate their services. In this newsletter we give an overview of what can be done in this field, taking into account the limited resources of NGOs....

Tags: NGOs, WHO European region, Monitoring and Evaluation, Harm reduction
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Policy Paper - Who is paying the price for austerity?

Efi Kokkini, Ionut Alexandrescy, Luis Mendao, Martin Busch, Miroslava Zilinska, Thanasis Apostolou, Xavier Majó i Roca.

This newsletter is devoted to the urgent issue on the consequences of the austerity policy on public health and harm reduction and presents examples and reports from Correlation partners in the Southern and South Eastern European region.

Tags: Policy makers, NGOs, People who use drugs (PUD), WHO European region, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Policy, Harm reduction
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Greater Meaningful Involvement of People Who Use Drugs

John-Peter Kools

This brochure highlights some of the examples of excellent practices in peer involvement in Europe. 25 years ago, the first peer initiatives were started as innovative means of providing HIV prevention education. Since then, the scope and capacity of peer involvement has significantly increased...

Tags: People who use drugs (PUD), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Harm reduction, Advocacy, Prevention
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Policy Reform and UNGASS 2016

Tamas Varga

The most prominent development we can see in global drug policy today is that more and
more players are admitting the need to move away from law-enforcement-dominated approaches in drug policy towards public health approaches. What are the Conventions that have bound the hands of...

Tags: NGOs, Policy makers, Global, Policy, Laws and regulations, Harm reduction
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Spotlight Sexwork

Pye Jakobsson

Over a prolonged period, dealing
with the issues raised by sex work
has been a major concern for most
European countries, and many different
legislative frameworks have been
applied or discussed. The current focus on cambatting human trafficking often leads to a...

Tags: Sex workers, Women, WHO European region, Harm reduction, Human rights, Policy
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Guide to hepatitis C for people living with HIV

HIV i-Base

This guide helps people living with HIV to: Have accurate, up-to-date information about HIV and
hepatitis C; Get the most out of the relationship with doctors and other health professionals. Feel more in control of health and treatment options. Get better medical care and improved health,...

Tags: People living with HIV (PLHIV), Global, Care and support, Harm reduction, Treatment
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