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Capacity building

Joining together to tackle HIV/AIDS in Europe


The new brochure published by the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) summarises HIV-related initiatives and projects in Europe co-funded by the European Commission.

Read more about various European projects, including that of AIDS Action Europe, it the newly released...

Tags: Health care professionals, Policy makers, General public, WHO European region, Capacity building, Resource mobilisation, Policy
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Greater involvement of people living with HIV (GIPA)

International HIV/AIDS Alliance and GNP+

This guide is one in a series of good practice guides produced by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. The GIPA (Greater involvement of people living with HIV) Good Practice Guide contains information, strategies and resources to support programme officers in enabling meaningful involvement of...

Tags: People living with HIV (PLHIV), NGOs, Policy makers, Global, Capacity building, HIV and labor
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HIV/AIDS and immigration. Service advocate training manual

K. Reeve

This manual was designed to train service providers to facilitate access to services for immigrants and refugees with HIV/AIDS. It was created using a train-the-trainer model: it is hoped that some participants will go on to lead workshops with their peers.

Tags: (Undocumented) Migrants, People living with HIV (PLHIV), Refugees, Health care professionals, Global, Care and support, Prevention, Capacity building
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Guide for HIV counsellors. IOM HIV counselling in the context of migration health assessment

Valerie Hagger ed./ IOM

Guidelines for HIV counsellors, reflecting IOM's standard concepts of HIV counselling, aiming to achieve a balance between the requirements for an HIV test and the maintenance of confidentiality while, at the same time, providing a meaningful service to migrants. This guide includes sections on...

Tags: Health care professionals, (Undocumented) Migrants, Global, Capacity building, Testing and counselling, Media
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Renewing Our Voice. Code of Good Practice for NGOs Responding to HIV/AIDS

J. Cabassi, D . Wilson (ed)

Code sets out Guiding Principles, which apply a human rights approach to the range of HIV/AIDS-specific health, development and humanitarian work undertaken by NGOs responding to HIV/AIDS. These principles provide a common framework applicable to all NGOs engaged in responding to HIV/AIDS....

Tags: NGOs, Global, Prevention, Capacity building, Human rights
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Global health-sector strategy for HIV/AIDS 2003-2007. Providing a framework for partnership and action

World Health Organization (WHO)

Report by the World Health Organization which presents a strategy for the global health-sector. It gives a framework for aims and target audience, strategic plans for governments in order to make the health-sector more effective in its response to HIV/AIDS. The last chapter mentions three...

Tags: NGOs, Policy makers, Health care professionals, Global, Prevention, Capacity building, Universal access
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