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PLHIV Stigma Index in Germany, Video (short version)

PLHIV Stigma Index in Germany,

„positive stimmen" („positive voices") is the German roll-out of the international PLHIV Stigma Index Initiative. Starting in October 2011 1148 People living with HIV were interviewed on their experiences with stigmatisation and discrimination. After interviews had stopped in March 2012 we met...

Tags: Health care professionals, General public, People living with HIV (PLHIV), Western Europe, Human rights, Advocacy, Stigma and discrimination
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Pediatric Advocacy Toolkit - For improved pediatric HIV diagnosis, care and treatment in high HIV prevalence countries and regions


The use of this toolkit is aimed at generating a commitment among Ministries of Health (MOH) and relevant policymakers and partners to prioritize pediatric HIV treatment and for these policymakers
to take measureable actions to increase access to and quality of pediatric HIV treatment...

Tags: Policy makers, NGOs, Global, Advocacy
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