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European HIV Legal Forum: Website Launch

We are happy to finally present to you the website of the European HIV Legal Forum (EHLF), the project of AIDS Action Europe!  EHLF is focused on benchmarking the legal situation in countries of the WHO European Region with regard to various topics concerning people living with HIV and other key populations. The pilot project was released in 2012, and to this day EHLF covers the following topics: Accessing HIV prevention, testing, treatment care, and support as a migrant with irregular status in Europe; Access to HIV-, viral hepatitis-, and TB services for people in prison and other closed settings in Europe; Criminalisation of HIV non-disclosure, exposure, and transmission; Discrimination against people living with HIV in healthcare settings and the upcoming Discrimination against people with HIV working in healthcare settings the AAE team has been working on the website for EHLF for quite some time now with the goal of turning it into an efficient and useful online tool for HIV advocacy. We collected the ever-increasing resources on the different project topics and highlighted them in an interactive way. The most interesting feature of the website is the Interactive Map which constitutes a great advocacy tool. Interactive Map - Advocay Tool The new advocacy tool - Interactive Map allows the user of the website to receive information about legislation and policies on HIV and the situation in the countries of Europe and Central Asia in a way, that is comprehensive and self-explaining. What is more, the comparative form of information presentation opens new opportunities for regional advocacy. The instructions: In order to use the map, go to the Topics section of the website, chose one of the topics, and scroll down. On the right side of the page, you will see the maps available on this particular topic, you can change in between them. You can click on the country from the map and the country information  together with the direct link to the country profile will appear. New maps and new information are continuously being added! Country Profiles The website also allows to navigate through the country list and receive more specific information about a particular country that participated in at least one of the EHLF projects. On the country profile you can access country statistics and information, as well as see the projects in which the particular country participated, and further navigate to the project page.      

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Civil Society Consultation for the UN High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS

On 9 April, the CSF brought together NGOs representatives across Central and Western Europe working with populations living with or most affected by HIV, TB and viral hepatitis came together to discuss on key priorities in HIV and AIDS response towards the UN General Assembly High-Level on HIV/AIDS. Here is the summary of key concerns and priorities that were highlighted. Report of the meeting…

HepHIV Conference 2021

The opening of the 2021 HepHIV Conference marks a push toward further integrated strategies for the prevention, early testing and linkage to care for people with HIV, viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 500 people gathered via a virtual conference platform for the seventh HepHIV2021 Conference to highlight European progress, challenges and…

Meet our new Steering Committee member from Armenia - Arman Sahakyan

In 2021 three new members joined AIDS Action Europe's Steeting Committee. We are happy to welcome Arman Sahakyan  from our member organisation "New Generation" in Armenia and use this opportunity to ask a few questions.  1. You have been working in the field of HIV for quite some time. Please tell us about your background and how you started to advocate for the interest of people living with…

Meet our new Steering Committee member from Ireland - Martin Davoren

In 2021 three new members joined AIDS Action Europe's Steeting Committee. We are happy to welcome Martin Davoren from our member organisation "Sexual Health Centre" in Cork, Ireland and use this opportunity to ask a few questions.  1. You have been working in the field of HIV for quite some time. Please tell us about your background and how you started to advocate for the interest of people…

Join our team in Berlin

AIDS Action Europe is looking for a Communication Officer (half-time position, 50 % of weekly working time, fixed term) AIDS Action Europe (AAE) is a regional network of a diverse group of more than 420 NGOs, national networks and community-based groups, most of which are HIV-service organisations, in 47 countries spanning the WHO European Region. Membership is free and open to all civil society…

HIV 2020 – The Community HIV Conference

2020 has been an extraordinary year in HIV/AIDS. Not only due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted communities of people living with HIV/AIDS and other key populations, and the organizations working with and for them on a scale, the effect of which we are still trying to understand, but it has also been the year that has seen two global HIV/AIDS conferences taking place simultaneously.…

AIDS Action Europe Call for Steering Committee Members

Do you have the motivation and energy to join hands in the response to HIV/AIDS on the European and Central Asian level and share the vision of AIDS Action Europe? Are you involved in an HIV/AIDS related NGO or community group in Europe or Central Asia? If so, you should consider submitting an application to become a member of the AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee. Five of our steering…

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