“Did you know?”- It’s a question that’s meant to arouse curiosity, for a lot of the difficulties of dealing with HIV are down to ignorance and outdated ideas.

Did you know?The “Did you know?” campaign is Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe’s way of celebrating its 30th year, and presenting its central concerns and solutions. Our provocative claims, like “AIDS isn’t what it used to be”, “Heroin can save lives”, or “There’s no pill against discrimination”, are meant to draw attention to today’s challenges. The moving human stories we present show what those claims mean in real life.

There are good reasons for Germany’s success in HIV prevention. While the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) is concerned with the population at large, we concentrate on those groups particularly affected by HIV: gay men and other MSM, drug users, sex workers, people in prison, people from countries with high HIV prevalence. At the same time, we work to protect the interests of people with HIV. Our work is publicly funded but founded in the principle of self-help, and we implement all our measures in close cooperation with communities.

Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe is the umbrella association of 120 organisations in Germany and promotes capacity building in many ways.

On top of this, we consider prevention a responsibility for all of society. Discrimination and marginalization are the natural enemies of HIV prevention, while emancipation is the key. People who want to help people protect their health often have to change social conditions to open up the opportunity. Over the last 30 years, we have learned how to empower people. But even in Germany there is still an awful lot to be done.Want to know more?

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