HARMREDUCTION.EU is a brand new e-learning & knowledge hub for professionals in charge of health in prison/upon release, criminal justice/health/social service workers both in prison and in the community and drug users themselves, in Europe and in other regions of the world. All of the website content, including  the e-learning courses, the "toolbox" and other sections (case studies, reports, videos, reusable questionnaires, etc.), are available for anyone interested free and without restrictions on use. For e-learning courses, simply set up a new student account and start expanding your knowledge and skills.

The e-learning courses were built over the duration of two projects: two initially built within "CARE" project, and now updated and expanded with new courses within the HA-REACT project. The development of the harmreduction.eu website and of the e-learning materials is coordinated by the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt, and uses input from a growing group of international experts in the topic of Harm Reduction in prison settings.

Following the feedback received from several EU countries, the team behind the harmreduction.eu website is currently seeking funding for translation of the materials already published on the site in English into other languages most useful in Europe, e.g. German, Russian, French, and Polish. If you can help with the translation of some of the materials into your language, please contact the site team at info@harmreduction.eu