An illustration contest was organised to enrich training materials on substitution treatment in penitentiary units in Poland by the National AIDS Center and Służewiec Penitentiary Unit, in collaboration with the Joint Action HA-REACT project .

The contest was held in the Sluzewiec Penitentiary Unit, Poland and was closed on the 19th of October 2017. The winners of the competition were chosen by a specially appointed committee composed of representatives from both institutions. Four equal first prizes were awarded. All laureates were rewarded with branded watches, financed by HA-REACT. The illustrations, together with ten testimonials on OST (inside and outside of prison) provided by inmates will form two annexes to the Polish adaptation of the documents on OST and HR in prisons (original title of the document: Opioid Substitution Treatment in Custodial Settings. A Practical Guide. Authors: Andrej Kastelic, Jörg Pont, Heino Stöver). The content of the materials has already been translated into Polish and soon will be adapted by specialists from the Polish Prison Service to the conditions prevailing in our country. It will be printed as a book and will be available throughout the country. Ultimately, these materials are designed to facilitate the provision of substitution treatment (OST) and harm reduction in penitentiary units and to help ensuring the continued treatment of inmates, those who are drug addicted,  living with HIV/AIDS and co-infections including: HBV, HCV, TB, and STIs.

Here is the original information on the illustrative contest. The original text and photos were elaborated by Ms. Anna Penkin, Press Officer of the Służewiec Penitentiary Unit.

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