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HIV 360

HIV360 is an exciting new EU-funded project on, the online learning community for schools around the world. Featuring interactive resources for students and lesson plans for educators, the project addresses issues surrounding HIV & AIDS - from science to stigma, from prevention to policy. The moderated platform allows young people to collaborate and take action, in a safe and secure environment.

Young people in schools and other youth organizations can participate in:

  • quizzes
  • polls
  • pledges
  • challenges 
  • review texts
  • watch videos created by experts in the field

Communication tools, such as chat, messaging and discussion forums, allow students to interact with other young people around the world to discuss issues that are important to them

Rafki account

Registering for a account is easy – and free for all educators! Simply visit the website. So, if you’re an educator, or know someone that is, take a look today.

Rafki also makes use of mobile phone telephony to reach those that can’t get online. If you’re interested in this or any other aspects of the project please send an email

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