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HepHIV 2014 Conference: HIV and Viral Heptitis: Challenges of Timely Testing and Care, 5-7 October 2014, Barcelona

Coupling of two widespread infections Experience shows that challenges in connection with diagnosing HIV and hepatitis patients have many overlaps. This topic will be debated at a conference in Barcelona on 5-7 October 2014.

The main objectives of the HepHIV 2014 Conference are to:

  1. Provide the fields of HIV and viral hepatitis withthe opportunity to learn from each other and to reflect on their experiences.
  2. Provide an overview of European innovative initiatives and best practices on optimal testing and earlier care for HIV and viral hepatitis from different settings across Europe.
  3. Highlight and discuss achievements and obstacles experienced in both fields, whilst maintaining focus on the lefthand side of the “treatment cascade,” with regards to undiagnosed cases, testing and initiation of care.
  4. Sustain and fuel the political discussion of testing policies with the EU Commission and Parliament, the WHO Regional Office for Europe, ECDC and EMCDDA and the European Union HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum and Think Tank and the implementation of testing policies at national levels.
  5. Provide opportunities for multi-stakeholder dialogue to develop creative solutions to unresolved challenges in research and implementation of HIV and viral hepatitis policies and programmes to improve early diagnosis and care of HIV and hepatitis across Europe.
  6. Inform leaders, including key policy makers and donors, as to increase their commitment to ensurethat HIV and viral hepatitis infected patients enter care earlier in the course of their infection than is currently the case.
  7. Increase public awareness of the public health problems associated with late presentation for HIV and viral hepatitis care.

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