European Civil Society Organisations that work in the field of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and viral Hepatitis called on Mr President of European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, to ensure that the EC immediately starts working on a comprehensive EU-Eastern Partnership Policy Framework, which will pave the way for HIV, Tuberculosis and viral Hepatitis elimination in both the EU and the Eastern neighbourhood.

The HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum, AIDS Action Europe, European AIDS Treatment Group, Stop AIDS Alliance, TB Europe Coalition, Correlation - European Network Social Inclusion & Health, Coalition Internationale SIDA and ELP - European Liver Patience Association also want to reach out to the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment Public Health and Food Safety to organise a hearing on HIV, Tuberculosis and viral Hepatitis in 2016 in the context of a policy framework at the Commission level and the WHO and UNAIDS 2016-2021 strategies.

What this action needs first and foremost is the political leadership and support.