On October 27, 2021 within the framework of the European HIV Legal Forum, AIDS Action Europe launched a new project. This project will focus on monitoring and benchmarking legislation and practices relevant to discrimination of people living with HIV working in healthcare. This is second project under the core thematic area of “Tackling Stigma and Discrimination”, with another focusing on discrimination of PLHIV as clients of healthcare system.

The organizations, who participate in the project are: National AIDS Trust – United Kingdom, LILA Milano – Italy, Czech AIDS Help Society – Czech Republic, Deutsche Aidshilfe – Germany, HIV Finland/ Positiiviset ry - Finland, Trabajando en Positivo - Spain. 

The idea of this project came up at an international meeting of organisations working in the field of HIV and discrimination and the project aims to produce a report on current national HIV-specific legislation and testing practices in the field of health care in 6 countries (UK, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Finland and Germany). The report will be published in June 2022.