The Dublin Declaration on Partnership to Fight HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia, adopted in 2004, was the first in a series of regional declarations which emphasized HIV as an important political priority for the countries of Europe and Central Asia.

The declaration states the commitment of all signatories to act collectively in tackling the HIV/AIDS epidemic and sets out a number of actions to accelerate the achievement of this commitment. The countries also committed to closely monitor and evaluate the implementation of the actions outlined in the Declaration.

ECDC has now sent out the 2018 Dublin Declaration questionnaire to all 55 countries in Europe and Central Asia. ECDC strongly recommends that the Dublin Declaration questionnaire is filled out jointly between government and civil society organisations and has encouraged official contact points to reach out to community organisations at national level.

If you want to know who the official contact point is in your country, please contact Teymur Noori from ECDC (

The questionnaire should be completed by 29 March 2018. This deadline is important as ECDC are now collecting core GAM indicators on behalf of UNAIDS and WHO and have committed themselves to sharing core data points to UNAIDS and WHO by mid-April 2018.

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