We are excited to announce an upcoming Training of Trainers (ToT) on Offering and Adapting Existing Harm Reduction Services for ChemSex Users. The training will be based on the “Harm Reduction in the Context of ChemSex: an AIDS Action Europe Training Manual”, which has been recently developed by Antonios Poulios in cooperation with AIDS Action Europe.


The training will take place in Berlin for a duration of 3 days in September (13 -15.09). Travel expenses, including flights, local transport costs, accommodation, and meals for the participants will be covered.


This ToT aims to build and strengthen the capacity of AAE member organisations providing harm reduction services for people who use drugs or other services for GBMSM community, who are willing to adapt their existing service to the needs of ChemSex users and make them more inclusive and responsive to the needs of the GBMSM community, or have harm reduction services for ChemSex users.


You can find the eligibility criteria and requirements here

We want to make sure that everyone who attends the training gets the most out of it. For that reason the number of training participants is limited - 12 people. 

Please submit your application via email by May 31 to nina.tumanyan@dah.aidshilfe.de