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AIDS Action Europe Call for Steering Committee Members

Do you have the motivation and energy to join hands in the response to HIV/AIDS on the European and Central Asian level and share the vision of AIDS Action Europe? Are you involved in an HIV/AIDS related NGO or community group in Europe or Central Asia? If so, you should consider submitting an application to become a member of the AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee. Five of our steering committee members are approaching the end of their term. The term for a steering committee member is three years. Every representative can be re-elected once, after an open application round. Consequently, some of the Steering Committee members with the ending term might re-apply for the position. However, as it is an open call, they will be in equal competition with the other applicants. New applications deadline is 13 November, 2009.

More information can be found in the call for Steering Committee members.

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