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Affordability and accessibility of medication

  • Training on Affordability in Greece
  • Training on Affordability in Latvia
  • Training on Affordability for South EU countries
  • Training on Affordability in Serbia

Steering Committee of AIDS Action Europe identified affordability of health care with special focus on prices of medication and diagnostics as one of fields that have major impact on reaching the goals of reducing the number of undiagnosed HIV cases and reaching universal access to HIV treatment and care.

Past activities

In 2015 Steering Committee decided to develop a training manual that is used as the basis of trainings for community members and activists that are already working or would like to work on the issue of affordability. The manual was updated and translated into Russian in 2017. The manual is in open access and can be downloaded here.

Based in the training manual 6 regional trainings were conducted on the topic of affordability and pricing of medications in 2016 and in 2017.

In 2016 AIDS Action Europe conducted three regional trainings for activists and community members from 1) the Baltic States 2) non-EU countries from Central and Southeast Europe and 3) EU countries from Central and Southeast Europe.

In 2017 AIDS Action Europe conducted three regional trainings for activists and community members from 1) the Southern European EU member states 2) Russian language training for activists and advocates from Eastern Europe and Central Asia and 3) a second training for Southern European EU member states.

These regions were identified by the Steering Committee as those regions that are affected by the present IP system and pricing of medications. The “new” EU states have weaker economies and spend relatively less on their healthcare, while the non-EU countries are affected due to their interest in joining the EU and thus being subject to agreements and regulations that limit their use of generics antiretroviral medications which will have an effect on the prices and accessibility of these drugs.

Current work

Due to the high demand for knowledge on the subject especially from certain sub-regions and countries, AAE decided to move into the field of training the trainers in 2018 so that we can duplicate the knowledge and expertise in a more efficient way, including the development and use of webinars in the subject.


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