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Basispakket soa/hiv-bestrijding voor medische opvang asielzoekers

by Soa Aids Nederland / GGD NL
A basic package about combating STI and HIV among asylum seekers in the Netherlands. The package contains prevention strategies, training material, methods and useful addresses.
Western Europe (Undocumented) Migrants, Ethnic minorities, Health care professionals Prevention, Sexual education

Spot: AIDS - Remember me?

by DG Sanco
Tv spot of the 'AIDS - Remember me?' awareness raising campaign that was organised by the European Commission to urge young people in particular to remember that HIV/AIDS is still with us and to protect themselves. The slogan also invites people to remember those who lost their lives to the disease.
Eastern Europe General public, Youth Prevention, Media

How do the media operate?

by Be Media
This presentation gives an update on media strategy and planning that will help you selecting the most effective media channels. BeMedia is the primary contact of the Belgian media for all aspects related to government communication.
Global NGOs Media


by European Commission
Report aims to present the main results obtained during a poll conducted by the European Commission in order to find out what people know about HIV/AIDS in the 25 Member States and the acceding & candidate countries and the non government controlled areas of Cyprus.
WHO European region General public, NGOs Prevention

Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit

by Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Developed with the support of international technical agencies and M&E experts, the purpose of the M&E Toolkit is to gather a selection of standard indicators and provide users with references to key materials and resources. The M&E Toolkit focuses mainly on the routine high level reporting of a restricted set of measures of progress. The information package aims to provide those…
Global NGOs Monitoring and Evaluation

Access to Care: Privilege or Right? Migration and HIV Vulnerability in Europe

by Editors: G. Bröring, C. Canter, N. Schinaia and B. Teixeira, October 2003
This publication contains country reports submitted by the National Focal Points of the European Project AIDS & Mobility. Information is provided on: - migrations patterns in the respective countries - attitudes and responses by society at large - policies and politics - communities involved - epidemiological developments - access to treatment, care and support - the relation between…
WHO European region (Undocumented) Migrants Policy, Research, Treatment

Working with the media - a practical guide

by Lara Garrido - Herrero - European Public Health Alliance
During the AIDS Action Europe seminar on working with the media, Lara Garrido - Herrero presented the EPHA's publication 'Working with the media'. The aim of the guide is to help NGOs and other health communicators become more active and effective in their relations with the media. The presentation highlights the ten ethical guidelines for health communicators as described in the guide.
Global NGOs Media

Workshop 'Talk about sex'

by LDV United
During the AIDS Action Europe seminar on working with the media (September 2006), a fieldtrip was organised to one of the top 3 creative advertising agencies in Belgium. LDV United hosted a session on positioning your organisation in the media.
Western Europe NGOs Media

An European Campaign - The Flying condom

by Thierry Martin - Plate-forme Prevention Sida
Presentation held by Thierry Martin during the AIDS Action Europe seminar on working with the media. It describes a 3-years mass media campaign (1994-1996) organised by the Agence Prevention Sida in Belgium targeting young tourists at their holiday destination. The main message was condom promotion.
WHO European region Tourists / travellers, NGOs, General public, Youth Sexual education, Prevention, Media

What to do first? A communication strategy made clear in twenty minutes

by Boris Cruyssaert - Sensoa
Although working out a mass media campaign seems urgent because of the importance of the topic you want to address and because there can be a lot of pressure from government and/or public opinion to have a certain outcome, a campaign will reveal internal shortcomings predominantly if you don't have a communication strategy first.
Global NGOs Media

The Gay Cruise: Developing Theory- and Evidence-Based Internet HIV-Prevention

by Gerjo Kok, Paul Harterink, Pjer Vriens,
The gay cruise is an exciting and informative website about dating and safe sex for gay men in the Netherlands. It is a response to the growing number of men who have sex with men looking for bed partners on the internet. Cruisers who first enter the site can choose their own attractive purser, who will be their personal guide providing tailor-made advice. Intervention mapping has played an…
Western Europe Gay men and other MSM, LGBTI, Men having sex with men (MSM) Prevention, Sexual education

Report Working with the Media Seminar

by AIDS Action Europe
From September 21st to 23rd 2006 Sensoa hosted the first best practice seminar of AIDS Action Europe on Working with the Media. This report contains the results of the discussions that took place during this seminar and many of the background documents that were provided. It is the result of a very constructive and inspired meeting of a very diverse but universally enthusiastic group of NGO…
Global NGOs Media

Love Life Stop AIDS

by Swiss AIDS Federation and Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
The campaign shows naked individuals practicing sports such as fencing, ice hockey or motorcycling. Nakedness illustrates the vulnerability of the body while underscoring the claim ?No action without protection?. The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health presents its highly visual outdoor campaign and TV commercials to playfully raise the awareness of the general population for self-protection…
Western Europe General public Media, Prevention

Intervention Mapping: Developing Theory- and Evidence-Based Prevention Programs

by Gerjo Kok
Presentation by Gerjo Kok (Maastricht University) about Intervention Mapping as a planning tool in health promotion programs. The presentation was given during AIDS Action Europe's best practice seminar on Monitoring & Evaluation.
Global NGOs Monitoring and Evaluation

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