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Online application for community based research training - Aids Foundation East-West

Our partner organization AFEW (International) is organising a community-based research programme. The programme consists of several trainings and a small grants fund for community-based research projects. The programme is meant for communities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) and is...

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foreign agent act in Russia

HIV-service organizations subject to the “foreign agent” act in Russia

More and more non-governmental organizations in Russia are included to the list of „foreign agents”, including HIV-service organizations. Some of our member organizations are also affected; Harm Reduction Network ESVERO in Moscow was recently registered as a “foreign agent”.

As stated on...

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world hepatitis day 2016

World Hepatitis Day 2016 - many obstacles on the way to elimination of viral hepatitis

Since 2010 the World Hepatitis Day is held on July 28. On this day the world focuses on raising awareness about viral hepatitis. According to World Health Organization there are an estimated 400 million people infected with viral hepatitis B and C and around 1.45 million die annually from their...

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Ferenc Bagyinszky at the UNAIDS PCB, Foto by Nikos Dacanay

SRHR and Funding – “The Elephants in the Room”

AIDS Action Europe holds a seat on the NGO Delegation to the UNAIDS PCB for the period of 2016-2017. Our colleague, Ferenc Bagyinszky, is the alternate delegate for Europe. The UNAIDS PCB has held its biannual meeting recently. Please find below a report from the perspective of...

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Andrey Rylkov Foundation

Branded as foreign agent organisation in Russia

The Andrey Rylkov Foundation in Russia was just listed as an organisation carrying out the functions of a Foreign Agent.

"Our organization works on issues related to public health: prevention of HIV, Tuberculosis, hepatitis C and drug overdoses. We also provide social support to people...

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AAE hosted the presentation of the “aMASE - advancing Migrants Access to health Services in Europe” study results

On June 22nd, 2016, AAE hosted the presentation of the “aMASE - advancing Migrants Access to health Services in Europe” study results, presented by Matthias Wienold (Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum e.V., Hannover). aMASE is a study funded by the European Commission and part of EuroCoord (Enhancing...

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